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The "lives" we lead

Thoughts, running wild through once-endangered veins

This body, once weary and hollow,

Will no longer feel pain.


The toughest goodbye,

We both know we’ll come back.

Come back to those that feeling,

That horrible wanting to die.

Singing & screaming.

Seeing & crying.


We distance ourselves from what’s good,

And all that just hurts.

You were the one who taught me they are one & the same.

Hoping for an intangible peace,

Instead we just shut



Down, down we go

Oh, this familiar path.

Do people ever change?

Not the ones that matter.

Not you, the golden ones.


The tears are the same,

As are the stained souls.

The chances, loves, lonely nights.

The thoughts, pills, exploding of one’s self.

All the same, would you say it feels right?


Do you cry for the ones that truly love you most?

Do you see what you have done,

The power of your words?

These lights are too revealing,

I give you my truths

Why do you only look at that oh-so-familiar ceiling?


Your truths hurt more

More than anything I could do to myself.

Substituting self-inflicted pain

For you-shaped inner pain.

What cruel “lives” we lead.

You almost walked away,

Would you do anything to hold me here? 

Sometimes walking away from someone and forgetting about them is so hard...

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