Brittney Av Sjoen (gravef1ower) wrote in mad_ravings,
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Predators promise forever
But everyone knows that's just a cheap hook
Getting off from leading the weaker on
Walking right into the trap with a smile hanging from my face like a bad painting
Silly little girl, they hiss gunpowder

Grew up fed on nothing but moldy lies and false comfort
Resting the night on a mattress stuffed with nails
The fog fades and the muscles grow stronger
Join up and fall into line just to mislead
Scraping for some kind of reality and place
In the sanctity of his tainted eyes

Every shout, shove and signal dictated is law
Executing his selfish commands
Following through and apart for him
Always armor-clad and suited for someone else's battle
I watched as my own fortress fell

Fierce blue eyes always looking ahead
Dragging my own carcass through rubble and ruin
The candle's almost burnt to the ground but the flame's still strong
Born and raised a fighter
I'll bring the world to its knees
All of this for you

Broken fingers outstretched
Reaching into the rotting sky
The fruit's just right there in front of me
Mouth salivating and faithless hands welcoming
What I seek will never be mine
There's no eating from this tree

Fingertips writhing on tangable memories of you and me
I stare into the sun and let it take my sight
Longing to suck it all back up now
Always chasing what was never meant to be
But it's all just a dream
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