"Yuma"! (yuma_nola) wrote in mad_ravings,

“Touched with fire"

I am one of the chosen, touched
With fire. My flesh try’s but fails
To contain my base element and
Instinct, that of uncontrolled desire!

I’m not like you… lightening is
Born in my brain. Present in every cell
Pulsing in every vein. Don’t try and solve
The puzzle… or ponder whether or not
I am sane.

Where I see echoes of genesis
You see simply rain. You may sometimes
Hurt, yet I copulate with every facet of the
Mistress that is Pain.

Some days I feel too empty…
My insides bottomless… I
Never know what is truly wrong.
The victim of a legion of inner
Demons. Learning from my suffering,
Hoping to teach with my song.

Searching for what my soul is
Missing. This unknown item
I need to discover, its absence
Causes me to long.
Maybe it isn’t known in this world
And to which I‘ll never really belong?

I am the maestro for the symphony
That dwells inside me, I direct…
Play the strings, percussion and flute!
My song and chorus contain beauty,
Ugliness and truth… Things you don’t
Want to acknowledge but are unable
To refute.

I’m not meant for envy, for me
Life is a suspicious riddle, I am forced
To solve in rhyme, trapped between endless
Streams of verse and running out of time.
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